Android Fan Application

Rhythmic Rebellion is a music streaming app with a focus on upcoming Artists. Fans can hear Artists introduce their music, tell their fanbase about themselves and give commentary about their songs. Moreover, in the Rhythmic Rebellion application, fans have an opportunity to scroll lyrics of their favorite songs and make personal connections to Artists that they just don't get with other sites!

1. Signing Up

Download and open our app from Google Play. It will guide you through the on-boarding process and then prompt you to sign in or sign up. If you've already signed up using our web version, then use the same login info. If not, just follow the directions after clicking the sign up link. 

2. Reset Your Password

Forgot your password? Click the Restore Password button located on the fan sign in form. Fill in the email field and click the Restore button. A Fan Reset Password email with further instructions will be sent to that email address.

3. Your Personal Information 

As a fan, we do not ask for your street address or personal identification numbers. We do ask for your city, state and zip so that we can provide you with content relative to your area. We ask for your birthdate so that we know whether to warn you about explicit material and so we can wish you a Happy Birthday of course! Learn more about the information we collect from reading our user agreements and privacy policy. These links can also be found at the bottom of the main page. 

4. Listening Settings

Listening Settings are used for managing certain Add-Ons.

Turn On / Off Song Commentary & Artist Bio's 

Turn the switchers on if you want to listen to Artist Song Commentaries and/or Artist Bio's. These options can be overridden by clicking Silence Bio and Commentary for this Artist on the Promo Page. Setting the Song Commentary and Bio Date allows you to listen to Song Commentary or Artist Bio's created after the specified date. 

Explicit Material

Artists can mark songs as explicit. Fans have the option to turn off the Explicit Material switch in their Listening Settings to not hear songs with lyrics that are considered foul or offensive.

5. Profile Settings

Your Profile Settings displays data you filled in when signing up. 

Change Email

Change the email used for login by clicking the Change Email button and entering the New Email and your Current Password.

Change Password

Change your password by clicking the Change Password button. 3 fields will be shown: Current Password, New Password, and Repeat New Password.

Personal Info

Update your personal info:

  • First name (optional)
  • Nickname 
  • Gender (optional)
  • Birth Date (optional)

Contact Info 

Edit your location: Country, Zip (optional), State/Region (optional), City (optional), Phone (optional). 

Hobbies (optional)

Favorite Genres (optional)

6. Music Player

Our Music Player works just like any other music player you've used. You can follow Artists, like their songs, watch their videos, see the lyrics, and click the PROMO tab to learn more about the Artist and the song. The Visit Artist Website button takes you directly to that Artist's full site!

Use our app to discover music! Click the 3 dots to display Play NowPlay NextPlay LaterShare or Add to Library where you'll be able to create a Playlist or select one you've already created.

If a song has no labels, it means the Artist has allowed fans to add this song for free to their Playlist. Other options you might see are 45 and 90 second previews or whole song previews indicated by a number from 1 to 10. The number you see indicates the number of previews allowed or that you have left.

If you need help you can reach us through the Contact Us link at the bottom of the main page of our website or through the user menu (through Feedback forms) on the iOS and Android app.