Browser Not Supported

We only support the following for our Music Creator software, but we do support other browsers in our Fan website.

  1. Macbook - Safari and Chrome
  2. Windows - Chrome

Download Chrome for Mac or Windows

We do NOT support Windows Edge, FireFox, or any other internet browsers.

Check Your Version of Chrome & Update If Needed

Chrome version 66 is the oldest version of Google Chrome that we support.
Safari version 11 is the oldest version of Safari we support.

1. Select the 3 dots in the upper right corner of the browser. Select Help and then About Google Chrome.
2. Your version number should start with at least 66. If you see "Google Chrome is up to date" but the version number is less than 66 this means some other software on your computer is not allowing Chrome to update to the newest version. Your operating system might need updating. If you see a button to update Chrome, click it and follow through with the needed update. 

3. If Chrome has an old version but says Chrome is "Up to Date" and will not let you move to a newer version, it might be because your operating system needs to be upgraded to a newer version. For example, if you use Windows 10 and have not allowed Windows 10 to upgrade to a new version, Chrome will eventually stop supporting the old version of Windows and will not allow your Chrome browser to update to the latest version. 

Chrome does not support Windows Vista or XP.

Check Your Version of Safari & Update If Needed

1. This is how you check Safari to see your version. Update Safari if needed.

Supported browsers in our Fansite

Browser’s versions

Operating system

latest v. - latest v.-1

Safari iOS latest v. - latest v.-1
Safari iPadOS latest v. - latest v.-1
latest v. - latest v.-1
Firefox Internet explorer Opera
🇽 🇽 🇽 🇽 🇽 🇽
iOS 🇽 🇽 🇽 🇽 🇽 🇽
iPadOS 🇽 🇽 🇽 🇽 🇽
Windows 🇽 🇽
🇽 🇽 🇽
MacOS 🇽 🇽 🇽 🇽 🇽

The Latest version and the Latest - 1 means that we support the current stable version of the browser and the version that preceded it. For example, if the current version of a browser is 88.x, we support the 88.x and 87.x versions.