Lightbox Feature

A Lightbox is a customizable pop-up. The Artist can set what content will display in it and stylize how it will appear.

Add A Lightbox

1. Lightbox contains a main block with features placed on top of it. The Lightbox feature contains 3 sections:

  • Media Container - can be an image gallery or video
  • Description - word text
  • Button

There are 2 levels of set up for a Lightbox:

  • General Setup 
  • Features Setup

Add a Lightbox by clicking the + under Lightboxes via Pages in the Site Builder.

2. Click on the gear icon to open the Lightbox Settings.

3. Select whether you want the Content of the Lightbox to be an image or a video, and select attributes to show with this main content. At least one image or video must be selected.4. Customize your settings for the Border, Shadow, and Background ColorFeatures Set Up initiates by clicking on a responsive area placed near each feature/box.

5. Your Content Set Up displays the video or image to be shows that has been selected on the main user level.

6. Add a Description. The text block set up is similar to a regular text feature.

7. Customize your button features:

  • Title
  • Font
  • Background
  • Background Hover Color
  • Rounding
  • Border
  • Shadow

8. In Lightbox Show Settings, you can choose from 2 ways to display options: Auto Mode and On Click.

  • Auto mode means that the Lightbox appears on a selected page after a preferred time period (in seconds). (Minimum delay-0 sec. Max- 6 sec.) Only one Lightbox can be associated to one page when this option is selected.

  • On Click means that the Lightbox appears on-click on any component existing on site where it can be linked to. To do this, open the Links area of a certain component and select the desired Lightbox.

Example with a Block feature: 


1. Below is a Lightbox with content set up and all features on:

2. This Lightbox is using a Media Container only:
3. This Lightbox is using only text and a button: