How to get your songs on the RR home page

How To Get Songs On The Homepage

Why are my songs/albums not showing up on the Rhythmic Rebellion Discovery page for fans to see and discover my music?

We want to give fans a great experience when they use Rhythmic Rebellion. We also want to do the best job we can to promote artists and their music on our platform. To do this, we have are rich with content and information... and this information is provided by you, the artists. 

There are numerous ways a fan can click to be taken to your website. We don't want the fan to see a "Page cannot be displayed" message.

If you have not created a website, your songs or album will not show up on our homepage. This is just one example.

Below is a list of required content you must create before your music can be found on the Rhythmic Rebellion Discovery page. 

  1. A published website How to build a website
  2. Song recordings must be good quality and most need to have audio intros How to create intros
  3. Songs need to have a status of "Released/Visible" as seen at the bottom of this article: How to Create and Release a Song
  4. Albums need to have a status of "Released" as seen in this article: How to Create an Album
  5. Songs must be approved by RR admin as "Radio Ready." Requirement is not strict. This basically just means having quality recordings beyond simply singing into an iPhone.

How do I get my music in the "Suggested Music" list on the homepage?

There are no firm requirements. This music is chosen by our team with the utmost quality in mind. It helps if you have at least 4 songs, audio intros and commentary, a nice website with lots of images and videos, your own URL (, and quality recordings. 

If you think you qualify, please feel to email email us at