Music Creator Invitation / Referral Bonus

Invite / Refer Music Creators and Earn a Referral Bonus

Rhythmic Rebellion will pay a referral fee for helping us sign up music creator users. For a referral fee to be paid, the new user must meet the following requirements:

1. Sign in to your Master Account at and click Invitations in the top toolbar.

2. Use the form to invite your music creator friends to join Rhythmic Rebellion: Input the email address and full name of the friend you would like to invite. You can customize the invite message, click the check box for "I'm not a robot" and then click Send Invitation. Repeat this step to invite multiple people.

3. You can keep track of your sent invites by clicking the Sent Invitations tab on the lefthand column. Referral bonuses are paid monthly after the referred music creator has met all requirements.