Join Our Artist Sponsorship Program

Artist Sponsorship Program

If you have studio quality recordings and videos, email to be considered for a sponsorship.

  • Sponsorships depend on your status and social media following.
  • 100K - 1 million Followers - $6,000, 3 month sponsorship
  • 1 million + followers - $10,000, 3 month sponsorship

Rhythmic Rebellion is Professional Income Generating Software built for Serious Music Creators & Their Management

Our goal is to create better ways for artists to build a fan base and monetize that fan base.

Why are we willing to spend this money on artists like you? Because promoting you also promotes Rhythmic Rebellion. We partner with you to attract more fans and music creators to Rhythmic Rebellion while also building your fan base and putting some cash in your pocket. It's a win for both of us!

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